• Available on all models of toilets, dishes of shower and facings.

    Terminations: Compact pink porriño, Compact rivers, Compact coralito, Compact tile, Compact compact and beige grey.

    Material base, resin, mineral fillers, crushed marble and silica. Particle size; of 2/3 mm.

    Compact gives its name to the mix in proportions of crushed marble and silica compacted with resin, which gives us the beauty of marble, the transparency of the resin and a glossy effect produced by this mixture.

    Our compact range gives our bathroom and kitchen a different touch.

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  • compact riversRF-420 Compact Rosa PorrinoRF-410 CORALITORF-390
  • compact BeigRF-320 compact grayRF-300 wrongRF-150 RIVERSRF-420