• Iris Camel UltramarineRF-950 Iris Camel jadeRF-880 Iris Pink CamelRF-850 Iris Orange CamelRF-840
  • Available on all models of plates of shower and facings.

    Terminations: different colors combined with black or white polished stone background.

    Material base: resin, pigment and river stone polished black or white.

    Particle size: of 26/45 mm.

    Available in a wide range of colors, from beige funds up to blue and green Luminescent wallpaper. This avant-garde range creates spaces of color and own customization by our customers, Choose the color that you like, take it to your bathroom and enjoy their beauty combined with black or white polished stone.


  • Iris Red CamelRF-900 Iris Camel lemonRF-890 Purple Iris CamelRF-940 Iris Camel Light PinkRF-855

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